Ghosts of Saltmarsh+ Recap Index

I only ever got around to writing recaps for the first seven sessions of this D&D5E campaign that has been going strong since (As of this writing we have played 43 sessions.) It just became increasingly difficult to find the time to write them up and to resist my penchant for writing more and more detailed accounts each time. However, I do think there is value in those five recaps as a sample of my DMing style and my way of interweaving different adventures.

Unlike past campaigns in my old homebrew, for this game I went with a straightforward premise of characters looking to start new lives and seek adventure far from where they came from with no plan to ever return. For more info on the setting check out the “About Makrinos” page.

Below are direct links to the posts holding those recaps (which will be updated as the re-posting goes live):

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