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If you are anything like me, print is your preferred mode for gaming materials. Sure, websites and PDFs are great for reference or for copying and pasting for your own notes, or for sharing with friends, but when it comes time  to actually use it in game or when lounging around to just browse and read, I like cold bound paper in my hands.

Furthermore, there is just something about the DIY-aesthetics of a zine that is just appealing when compared to slick glossy pages of a high end book by Wizards of the Coast or some 3rd party publisher with money to burn.

Much of the material on this site makes reference to past (and future) issues of the HOW I RUN IT zine. As such you may want to order some back issues or hunt them down (if they are sold out). There will also be 1 to 2 new issues every year.

There are three basic ways to order copies of HOW I RUN IT:

Etsy: Visit the Timeline Zines Etsy store. Put the issues you want in your cart and pay with a credit card or PayPal. I charge a few bucks more for copies sold this way to make up for fees Etsy charges me to put up listings.


Paypal: You can directly PayPal me the money with a note including your mailing address and what you are sending the money for. Please be sure to check the availability of issues either on Etsy or on this page first. However, if you want something and it turns out we’re out of stock, I will refund you the money with a note.

Ko-Fi: Like PayPal above, just send me the money with a note including your mailing address and what you are ordering. This is also the best way just to kick us a few bucks if you like the content found on the site. It will help move us towards an ad-free site.


In each case I will put your zines in the mail within a day and shipping is always free to the U.S. and Canada. However, if you are elsewhere and want copies, shoot me a message and I can figure out how much it’d cost to ship and we can work it out.

Available Issues

HOW I RUN IT #1: “Cutting Into the LOAF” – SOLD OUT!




HOW I RUN IT #2: “Into the Temple of the LOAF” – Still Available! – $3




HOW I RUN IT #3: “Swamp Lair of the LOAF Cult” – Still Available! – $3




HOW I RUN IT #4: “A Myriad of Magical Items” – SOLD OUT!




HOW I RUN IT #5: “STAT DRAFTS & Other Character Creation Options” – Still Available!-$4


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