Troglodyte Meatseeker

n.b. Welcome to Troglodyte Tuesday! This is a feature in which I present (or re-present) monsters I have created or adapted for use in my own 5E D&D campaigns, including lore, tips for running them and a stat block. Despite the name, this feature will present monsters other than troglodytes, though the first few weeks will be focusing on a variety of trogs I created in the last year. 

When I decided that my version of N1 – Against the Cult of the Reptile God needed a greater variety of types of troglodytes, the very first thing I did was google for some options and didn’t find many. . . in fact, all I found was one called the “Troglodyte Meatseeker” on a D&D wiki that claims it comes from an EN Publishing product, but does not detail which one exactly. No other searching made this clear. So I took that version and adapted it to be my own, and then went from there creating the Troglodyte Juggernaut and all the others.

These leader types keep their lesser trog subjects in line by both helping to provide food and being able to take it from any other trog. They also manage hunts and battles, to drive opponents into the gangs of troglodytes waiting to take bites from anything made of meat.

When I ran Against the Cult of the LOAF (from HOW I RUN IT #1 thru #3), I found the meatseekers were not as tough or effective as I hoped they’d be, so for the version I present here I made them a little tougher to kill and added the “Brute” and “Savage Attacks” abilities to give them more of a punch.

A link to a PDF version of the Troglodyte Meatseeker for download follows the lore and stat block below.

Click here for a PDF version of full description and stat block.

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