Troglodyte Tuesday: Giant Two-Headed Troll

n.b. Welcome to Troglodyte Tuesday! A feature in which I present (or re-present) monsters I have created or adapted for use in my own 5E D&D campaigns, including lore, tips for running them and a stat block. Today we have the second of the troll variations I created for my remix of “Song of the Fens” (from from Dungeon Magazine #40).

In my heart I know that no matter what else I have to say about making my own version of the Giant Two-Headed Troll for 5E, the real reason I included one in a Dungeon Magazine adventure that, as written, does not is because I imprinted on the Fiend Folio at an early age and to my mind there is absolutely no better monster book for any version of D&D. The sheer range of weirdness and variety it presents evokes a certain style of old D&D that still appeals to me no matter what edition we happen to be playing. Furthermore, the interior art, especially where it is provided by Russ Nicholson, is unparalleled (though the giant two-headed troll art in the book itself was drawn by Jeff Dee).

The giant two-headed troll as it appears in the AD&D Fiend Folio (1981). Created by Oliver Charles MacDonald. Art by Jeff Dee.
The giant two-headed troll as it appears in the AD&D Fiend Folio (1981). Created by Oliver Charles MacDonald. Art by Jeff Dee.

Aside from giving a physical description and saying they are the result of crossbred trolls and ettins there is not much info about them in either the 1E Fiend Folio or the 2E Monstrous Manual, and I like it that way. Even my description below is threadbare compared to all the info I included for the common troll last week, or the harpy a few weeks back. What is there to know about them? They are big. Not too smart, and like to smash things.

Ultimately, I wanted these guys to be a mix between a giant and a troll with two heads, but following the original’s vision by turning down the dial on their regeneration. Sure, they still regenerate quite a bit, but cannot regrow limbs. Then again, they not as prone to lose them as their common cousins. The rocking throwing connects them to giants (actually 1E and 2E trolls all had rock throwing listed as an attack type), but so does the knocking down opponents and stomping on them (which you will see if I ever get around to posting my versions of giants).

One thing I wanted to make sure the description of giant two-headed trolls include is a nod to the literary tradition of tricking giants and other monsters by including a description of how the heads can bicker with each other. I think I was also still annoyed by the bit in “Duh ‘Cology uh duh Ettin” from Dragon Magazine #92 that said said ettin heads never argue. Poppycock!

​Below you will find descriptions of the creature, a full stat block, and a link to PDF version of the full description and 5E stat block.

Click here for a PDF version of full description and stat block.

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